Sabtu, 1 September 2012

Jerash, Jordan

A visit to the spectacular Roman ruins of Jerash immediately transports the visitor two thousand years back in time. The city’s many splendid monumental remains still retain the atmosphere of the once thriving metropolis, famous in its own time for magnificent temples, theatres and plazas.

From these buildings and the many other well preserved structures, it is easy to imagine the city in its heyday: Down the colonnaded streets, chariots would have trundled, their wheels etching ever deepers the already well-worm grooves. The little shop that line the street would have stocked exotic goods broughts in from Persia, Egypt and Arabia. The noise and bustle of the city would have been punctuated by other sounds; the gentle splash of water flowing from the fountains of the Nymphaeum; the tapping of builders and masons at work; and the occasional roar of a satisfied crowd being entertained in the amphitheaters. Although now in ruins the spirit of Roman Gerasa lives on.

Jeehan al-Maliziy at Jordan (1993 until 1998).

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